May 15, 2012 - How It All Started    No Comments

Welcome to the Adventure!

In a mysterious corner of Paris, a boy discovers a wonderful machine which transports him to the world of Shakespeare and ultimately to his own past… The most beautiful of cities and the most revered of writers, mixed in with a healthy dose of steampunk, and what do you get? Little KinderBard!

In these pages, you’ll be able to read the Travel Journals of Little Will as he flies around on the Professor’s Mind Machine and explores a strange new world filled with exciting stories and wonderful characters.  Every time Will takes a new trip, there’ll be a new journal entry, so check back often!

If this is your first time here and you’ve never heard of the Professor or his Mind Machine, maybe you’d like to read about How It All Started – it’s quite short and a lot of fun, and it will give you some clues about how all of Will’s adventures in the world of Shakespeare may one day come to an end…

If you’re already up to date on all of Will’s background and all of his journals, you might want to read some of his Dreamsongs, which is how he shares his experiences with the Professor.  And once Will has been on enough trips on the Mind Machine, he will begin to put together some Storybooks which will try to make sense of every place that he has visited and all the people he has met…


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